Cloud Security Learning Path

Check Point and Davinci Cyber & Cloud Security invite you to 4 sessions to get an overview of cloud security, you can attend one, several or all four. We are waiting for you!

APRIL 22nd 2020 - 12:00 cet

Cloud security: introduction and state of the art

In this session we will look at the main risks in cloud infrastructures.udWe will see how the new paradigms of cloud services and infrastructures used, technologies such as infrastructure as code and high levels of automation, mean major changes in the protection paradigm and what the main differences from traditional security strategies.

29 ABRIL 2020 - 12:00 cet

IaaS & Automation

This session will address the fundamental infrastructure-as-a-service scenarios offered by the main cloud providers. We will identify the differences and essential recommendations for these environments versus lift&shift strategies and how security has to be refactored together with the services that are deployed in an IaaS environment. We will deepen in network security and automation needs.

06 MAY 2020 - 12:00 cet

Cloud Security Posture

The traditional model based on bastioning guidelines and manual checks has evolved to define bastioning as security posture policies that are capable of monitor cloud environments in real time and perform self-healing at the security configuration level. We will also see, in this session, how these technologies allow a security level visibility superior to native options allowing you to achieve threat prevention of a cloud environment with a SaaS security solution.

13 MAY 2020 - 12:00 cet

Container and Serverless Security

The implementation of solutions based on containers and serverless has meant a level of efficiency and agility of development that was not known until now. This efficiency and speed of development is accompanied by new security needs that are not covered by traditional solutions and architectures. In this session we will present the risks of these environments and the solutions available to reduce them.

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Training Davinci Group Kubernetes - CKA - Docker

Our instructors are certified in CKA and CKAD by the CNCF and the Linux Foundation.

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