Solutions from our leading manufacturers to address the Covid-19 Crisis

Our main cybersecurity partners offer their solutions under special conditions to face the Covid-19 crisis

From Davinci Cyber & Cloud Security we are working on those security alliances through which we can add value to the needs that our clients are transmitting us the most in these exceptional days.

We provide solutions that make sense, usefulness and resources in the current situation and that are accompanied by temporary free licenses (in some cases with the option of free protection for up to 3 and 6 months) or limited in time to encourage their use as much as possible at least temporarily.

Check Point

Control the security of your cloud infrastructure.

With the current Covid-19 crisis many companies have quickly migrated some of their information to the Cloud and those that already had their infrastructure in the Cloud have substantially increased their access to it in a very short time. At this time it becomes more relevant the need to know the security of cloud infrastructures and their possible vectors of attack or vulnerability. 

Cloud CheckUp

Check Point and Davinci Cloud Security offer the possibility of performing an agile audit in order to know the security status of cloud infrastructures. Helping us to detect with agility the possible vulnerabilities that are being generated and to be able to act in time to prevent possible attacks or information leaks.


Corporate email protection: Office 365, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Healthcare protection

With Kaspersky's collaboration, those clients who request it will be able to count on social awareness initiatives that are being carried out to address the COVID-19 crisis: 

Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 Initiative 

Working remotely is now mandatory for many, even for those who have never shuffled before. Major IT companies around the world have had to and still have to react quickly to support remote workers and ensure their cyber security. Many are turning to collaborative solutions based on the Microsoft Office 365 suite. If that's your case, we're here to help.

In order to collaborate in these difficult times in making remote work possible, Kaspersky offers 6 months of FREE protection with the latest version of Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365. This is an added protection to SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams and ensures all messaging and collaboration channels in Microsoft Office 365.

Health Sector Protection Initiative

In line with Kaspersky's brand mission of 'creating a safer world', they are showing their commitment and providing FREE access to the flagship B2B products for 6 months to ALL healthcare organizations worldwide. This includes:

  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus, the best protection for small and medium sized healthcare providers, providing uncomplicated security without the need for specialist IT skills
  • Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365The number one choice for ensuring all messaging and collaboration channels used by remote professionals and teams.
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced, complete protection for mid-size providers, eliminates threats, keeps the perimeter safe and ensures that sensitive patient data is fully protected
  • Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security, optimal workload protection for healthcare providers with public or private cloud and virtualized infrastructure resources.


Control your information wherever it is.

Sealpath makes available to our customers demo sessions, POC, training at no cost on their tool and the possibility of having it available for three months with special economic conditions, thus responding to the new needs that companies are generating even temporarily.

Sealpath allows:

  1. Increase visibility and control of information: Controlling where our information is and who accesses it. When the employee can access the information from anywhere and from any device, the risks are multiplied. With this tool I can have control of the information even if it has left my organization or has been shared with teleworking users or external clients.
  2.  Faster reaction time: How can I know if someone is accessing the information and react according to the situation.
  3. Usability: The implementation of the solution is quick and simple, thus responding to the current need for agility in the procedures without losing security in them.

Contact us if you think any of our partners' proposals could be useful to you.

If you prefer to explain your specific case to us, we will do our best to find the alternatives that suit your situation. We will help you protect your company. 

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