Managed Services 24/7

We manage and evolve projects to respond to daily challenges and new technological needs.

We put at your disposal, 24/7, our team of certified experts in different areas and cloud providers, who will accompany you in the management and evolution of your platform.

Trabajamos para mejorar la eficiencia, minimizar los riesgos y responder de forma rápida y con la calidad que los clientes esperan del rendimiento de la solución cloud.

We adapt and manage development environments (CI/CD) in cloud infrastructures, coordinating with our clients' technical teams.

We guarantee automatic, fast and safe deployments with no downtime.

We create structures that allow their adaptation according to the evolution of the project. Our goal is to optimize the resources of each platform according to the technological, economic, security and compliance needs.

We work from observation, analysis and adaptation in a continuous way and according to the challenges posed by the evolution of the platform.

Our goal is to achieve maximum platform performance with continuous control of the resulting costs. How do we do this?

1.- We design platforms that adapt to more economical resources.

2.- Our estimates in analysis and design correspond to the real final development, thanks to our experience and tools we reduce the gap between the estimate and the real development of the projects.

3.- We carry out constant strategies and analysis of cost reduction in the Cloud:

  • Control of oversized or unused resources, abnormal behavior, new trends, resource reservation.
  • Creating alerts (ackmetrics)
  • Control of self-scaled groups → Cost/user optimization

We design simulation and testing strategies for the platforms that are going to suffer a critical event to guarantee their consistency and availability.

Some Critical Events:

  • Campaigns / Ads
  • Product presentation
  • Black Friday / Sales
  • Critical steps to production

We created a parallel platform designed for high peak loads, improved it and optimized it to find your Break Event. A continuous cycle of stress, breakage and analysis until the necessary volume requirements are met.

We are collecting increasing amounts of data such as metrics, events or records. Such a volume of information can make proactive and reactive analysis difficult. The use of observability techniques such as USE ("Utilization, Saturation and Errors") or RED ("Rate, Errors and Duration") allows us to identify key points to simplify diagnosis in distributed applications.

Going beyond the traditional detect-react, we use observability elements (often more detailed and diverse) that allow us to debug and solve complex problems, optimize performance and analyze the root cause.

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